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Rant, The first, I guess I have finally made the decision to try my hand at all this blogging...thingy....I never was much into it, and I have been using LJ mostly to keep track of the various stories and authors that have made my fav list. I was never much into personal journals while growing up either. Simply never felt safe putting all those personal thoughts onto paper. However! I realize that I do need some kind of outlet for my extremely busy, often messed, cognitive process. And maybe, just maybe, it'll get me in the mood to start writing anything besides school papers again. There are only so many ways that one can spin about British Lit.

So....regardless of whether anyone will actually read my insane rumblings....So proceeding with the insane chatter....

I just realized sometime last week as I was driving home from class that ever since high school ended, oh....ages ago, I have not written anything personally creative besides the same-old same-old critique about Pope, Johnson, so on and so on. It's shameful and utterly frustrating! I still have 4 years-old fics that have never been finished! And those are the one I liked writing about, too! Blah! So, resolution: get back into the swing of things, whatever it takes.

Along a similar note, I haven't had time to read any privately selected materials besides school assigned books either. Urg! Hatehatehate....However much I enjoy reading the classics, I have been so left behind in terms of any and all contemporary works that it is an absolute disgrace for me to admit that I'm a literature major. X_x. So...resolution 2: Read more books I have chosen myself, again, whatever it takes.

Finals are next week and....I hate them...hate them!!! It's such a hustle. I have two papers due for my British Women Novelist class and man....they are not going well. And they are due soon, too! I am in total panic mood! A double older of shortness of breath and anxiety, please. X_X Def have to wake up early tomorrow to get a move on them, and I am soo not a morning person. *sigh*

Wonder how tomorrow is going to go.....
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